Following Directions

Let's be honest here. Your skin must be pretty beat up, if you're buying a high quality bruise cream. It took your whole life for your skin to get into the condition it's in now; so don't expect Advanced Bruise Prevention Formula (ABPF)  to fix it overnight.

It works

This is a great product. It works. We are so sure it will work that we give you a 90 day money-back guarantee. That's because very few people want to return ABPF when they are bruising less and less. It works.

But you have to follow directions to get the very best results, and believe me, your skin can get better and better.

We recommend that when you first start Advanced Bruise Prevention Formula ABPF) that for the first 2 weeks you apply 3 times a day and twice a day after that.

Your skin is starving

Three times a day in the first 2 weeks, because your skin is starving. It's thin and has lost its layers of protection. ABPF moisturizes the skin and allows lipids and nutrients to get to the skin cells, it helps your skin cells to rebuild the cell walls and reconnect with each other. And when the skin cells reconnect with each other, that's when the real results start to happen! 

Your skin cells get reconnected and now they can talk to each other. They're saying things like:

"We need nutrients over here" and "Quick, get some lipids over there"!

Happy skin

After the first 2 weeks you'll start to notice a difference in the feel of your skin. It will feel happy! Now you apply ABPF twice a day. morning and evening. You can do more if you want to, but a minimum of twice a day. Your skin will slowly get healthier and happier. Better color, less and less bruising as the skin layers rebuild thicker firmer.

Don't stop now

If you stop using ABPF, your skin will slowly revert back to its thin, sad, unhappy life. If you use Advanced Bruise Protection Formula every day, twice a day, your skin will continue to be happy and healthy.



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Apr 09, 2020 • Posted by Roseann sandstrom

Is this product great for your legs

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